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Hand Rankings – Beat the Heat in July at Circle Line Poker

Do you know your hand rankings?  Maybe need a little refresher?  Do you know what hand beats what?  You know need to know this to make good decisions and play winning poker.  You’ll have the edge over someone who doesn’t.  And that knowledge that you have and other players may not, will help you build your bankroll.


Tapping on the fish tank – Beat the Heat in July at Circle Line Poker

Knowledge is power in poker.  The later you play in a hand the more knowledge you have.  The more knowledge you have the better betting decisions you can make.  This is for your play.  However, for the player that may not be as experienced or as familiar with poker or decision making – resist the urge to tap on the fish tank.  Meaning, one player one hand.  Let that fish play their hand and you play yours.  It’s up to them to gain their own skills.

It’s up to each player to make their own decisions even bad decisions.  A good poker player adds to their bankroll because of these bad decisions.  Yes, the fish may get lucky (woohoo good for them, good hand! You’ll get it back)  but over the long term luck can’t keep up with good poker playing decisions.

Check out the poker lobby today and Beat the Heat in July at Circle Line Poker.

Be nice to the fish! Beat the Heat in July at Circle Line Poker

Good poker players make money by not so good players, fishes, making incorrect decisions.  Yes the fish – the inexperienced player may get lucky in the short term.  However in the long term, over many sessions – the good poker player making correct decisions will be a winning poker player over the long haul.

One way to keep the fish at the table is to be nice to them!  Although at times it can be extremely difficult, say nice hand after they win.  Say good luck when they get to a showdown.  And it could be a great return on your investment (ROI).  It takes two seconds to be nice but it may mean more winning hands for you over time.

Practice today and Beat the Heat in July at Circle Line Poker.

Beat the Heat this July at Circle Line Poker – Poker Skills

Do you have mad poker skills?  Poker can be easy to learn.  However, to master poker can take a lifetime and even then a master never stops learning.  There is always something new to learn and to master.

One of these skills is the MATH.  You may have heard of the phrase POT ODDS.  This means you know the odds.  What cards do you need to improve your hand vs. how much is in the pot.

Good poker playing is based on good decisions and knowing your odds.  And yes, the guy that doesn’t have a clue about the poker math or the newbie that has sat down and is playing their first hand of poker may win – they may get lucky.  Yes it happens and yes, it stings. However, over the long term over many poker sessions – your decisions based on the odds is what can make YOU a winning poker player.   This means knowing Poker MATH.

To practice your poker skills check out the Circle Line Poker Lobby and Beat the Heat in July!

Beat the Heat in July at Circle Line Poker – Bluffing!

Do you bluff?  Do you bluff all the time?  Or only at certain times in a game?  And do you show the bluff hoping to put your opponent on tilt? And then take advantage of that tilt?  Bluffing can be quite an effective way to put your opponent on tilt.  But then when you actually have the winning unbeatable hand, you may have set up your opponent to play into your hand and pay you off – putting your opponent on an even bigger tilt.

Try out your bluffing skills in a game today!  Check out the Circle Line Poker lobby and Beat the Heat this July!

Beat the Heat in July at Circle Line Poker! Study Up!

Although for many school is on break, but do you study up — on your poker game that is!  Do you read books, read articles, or study other players?  Do you have a favorite book?  Or website?

Put your poker skills to the test while Beating the Heat this July at Circle Line Poker!  Check out the lobby or poker calendar!

Multi-Table Tournament Strategy – Beat the Heat in July at Circle Line Poker

Did you know that a tournament breaks down into roughly three stages?  Do you alter your play?  Do you play differently in the first stage, middle stage and then end stage of the tournament?  Or do you play the same throughout?

Regardless how you play, beat the heat in July at Circle Line Poker.  Check out the lobby today for some hot beat the heat poker action!


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